Named after “fish” in Thai, Plaa is a contemporary seafood centric restaurant with Thai influences in collaboration with Hong Kong-born chef Richie Lin and chef Ian Kittichai from Bangkok.

The menu is built around fresh seafood and produce that reflect seasonality and sustainability. Herbs, spices and sauces which are the core of traditional Thai cuisine are used to let the vibrant seafood flavours shine through.

At the helm of Plaaโ€™s kitchen is another chef duo โ€” the up-and-coming talents chef Santipap Tonkanya (Tor) from Thailand and local Hong Kong chef Ray Choi. The pair communicates closely with Richie and Ian to deliver a genuine yet modern dining experience in Plaa.


2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace,
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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 18:00โ€“23:00

+852 2389 3288

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